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Step 1

Book your appointment! We have made this system super easy. Because at AccountingWise your family! 

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Step 2

Email your photo or scanned documents to:

We will need all your tax forms and valid ID per IRS guidelines- 



Valid State ID or Drivers License 

Any other tax forms 


if your missing anything our WiseGuys will let you know! 

Step 3

Our trusted team members will be assigned to your file! They will contact you If we are missing any documents needed. 

Step 4

Relax and drink that sweet tea ☕️ . Cause our team members are hard at work and will process your Tax Documents for you! No hard- back breaking headaches to deal with! 

Step 5

An electronic signature document Will be sent to your email for your review! A simple electronic IRS tax complient signature lets us E-file in our online tax system! 

Step 6

Party hard! Your tax work is now done! You can now go BBQ with your famous peeps!